DEFC (Documentary & Experimental Film Center)

The Documentary & Experimental Film Center was established in 1984 as the Center for Experimental and Semi-Professional Cinema.

Initially, the center was responsible for making 16mm, a reference point for young filmmakers to enter film directing. To this date, DEFC has produced more than 1000 professional documentaries, movies, and animations.

DEFC, for more than three decades, is the pioneering Iranian entity that produces documentaries, animations, experimental and feature films as one of the most notable production companies in the Middle East.

On the other hand, the horizon of holding a prestigious international documentary festival has always been one of the DEFC officials' concerns, which led in 2007 to announce organizing one of the most influential Iranian film festivals called "Cinema Verite."

The publication of two quarterly magazines, "Cinema Verite" and "Cinema Animation," Holding weekly screenings, organizing workshops related to documentary cinema and animation, etc., are other activities of DEFC.