Socio-Political Docs at “Our Time” Section

The “Our Era” section at the 10th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite, will include 8 films with social and political documentaries from 4 Tunisia, Germany, Palestine and France.
Here is the full list of the films scheduled to be screened at this section:
A Revolution in Four Seasons (Jessie Deeter)
Beyond the Snowstorm (Levin Peter)
Gaza: Human Shields (Ashraf Mashharawi)
Picturing War (Mette Gunnar)
Realm of Reverberations (Chen-Wei Lin)
Far from Home (Clemence Le Prevost)
Apart (Sami Shehade)
My Escape (Julia Jasjunas)
The 10th Cinema Verite will be held December 4-11, 2016, in Tehran.