Competition Sections of 10th Cinema Verite Revealed

27 documentaries from 24 countries will compete at Short, Mid-Length, and Long competition sections of the 10th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite.
Here is the full list of the films scheduled to compete at each section:
Short Documentaries (-30 min):
The Tremor (Oscar Vincentelli, Spain)
Second Life (Eugeniusz Pankov, Poland)
War Scarred Berlin (Roland Fuhrmann, Germany)
Bread and Tea (Sarah Kaskas, Lebanon)
Camrex (Mark Chapman, UK)
Letters to Leo Kopp (Nina Bendzko, Colombia)
Maluuqun (Rina Tsou, Aw See Wee, Taiwan)
Isabella Morra (Isabel Pagliai, France)
A Lamp (Asel Zhuraeva, Kyrgyzstan)
Mid-Length Documentaries (30-60 min):
Ukrainian Sheriffs (Roman Bondarchuk, Germany/Latvia)
Transit Zone (Frederik Subei, UK)
Radio Migrante (Gaetano Crivaro, Emanuele Milasi, Italy)
Attention ! (Onur Bakir, Panagiotis Charamis, Turkey)
Une Vie Normale (Edouard Cuel, Gael Breton, France)
Shores (Irene Dionisio, Italy)
The Successor (Mattia Epifani, Italy)
Aida’s Crossover (Liliana Resnick, Croatia)
Coal India (Felix Roben, Germany)
Long Documentaries (+60 min):
A Walnut Tree (Ammar Aziz, Pakistan)
Brothers (Wojciech – Staron, Poland)
Holy Cow (Imam Hasanov, Azerbaijan/Germany/Romania)
Mirr (Mehdi Sahebi, Switzerland/Cambodia)
The Modern Jungle (Charles Fairbanks, Saul Kak, Mexico/US)
Under the Sun (Vitaly Mansky, Russia/Czech Rep)
Arlette, Courage is a Muscle (Florian Hoffmann, Germany)
Maybe Desert, Perhaps Universe (Miguel Seabra Lopes, Karen Akerman, Portugal)
Shoulder the Lion (Erinnisse Rebisz, Patryk Rebisz, US)
The 10th Cinema Verite will be held December 4-11, 2016, in Tehran.