69 minutes from the 86 days in Cinema Vérité

The long documentary \"69 minutes from 86 days\" about Syrian immigrants, directed by Egil Haskjold Larsen, is in the International Competition of 11th Iran International Film Festival \"Cinema Vérité\"
This Norwegian documentary produced in 2017 starts like this: \"A 3-year-old girl slowly emerges. Full of a child’s energy and curiosity, carrying her little “Frost” backpack on her back, she takes in her surroundings between hundreds of adult trouser legs. She understands the gravity of the situation she and her family find themselves in, but filled with childlike wonder she continues her journey. For every step she takes, she emanates a longed-for feeling of hope. To Lean, it’s a step closer to her grandfather in Sweden.\"
\"69 minutes from 86 days\" has received the honorary award of CPH:DOX, Denmark; the new International Filmmaker Award of Hot Docs, Canada, and the Young Referees Award of Sheffield Documentary Festival, England.
After graduating in photography in Turkey in 2008, Egil Haskjold Larsen has been working as a cameraman and director in Norway. His first short film, AD ASTRA, was featured in Norway Film Festivals. \"69 minutes from 86 days\" is his first long feature film, which has won many prizes from major international festivals such as Denmark\'s Copenhagen, Canada\'s Hot Docs and Britain\'s Sheffield.