Pawel Lozinski Returns to Cinema Verite

Well known polish filmmaker, Pawel Lozinski, is featured in the 11th International Documentary Film Festival \"Cinema Verite\", with his latest documentary \"You Have No Idea How Much I Love You\".

As Cinema Verite PR reports, this 80 minutes documentary, produced in Poland in 2016, \"is a story about psychotherapy as a way to crush walls between people and defuse emotional traps.\"
Pawel Lozinski was born in Warsaw in 1965 and before he turns to filmmaking, he experienced various occupations such as painting and carpentry. He was admitted to the Lodz National Film School in 1988 and after graduating in 1992, he started producing documentaris in collaboration with his father Marcel Lozinski, one of the leading Polish documentary filmmakers.
Pawel Lozinski\'s style is to show a world similar to his father\'s and a legacy of Krzysztof Kieślowski cinema in capturing difficult subjects and showing respect for the characters. This reflects his effort in expressing Important social or historical issues.
His other films are: Birthplace (1992), One Hundred Years Of Polish Cinema (1995), Japan (six episodes - 1997), Sisters (1999), Just A Story (1999), Census In Lezno Malee (2002), The Lady from Ukraine (2002), Across The Border (2004), Alien (2006), Yasak Hugo Badir: A Journalist in Poland (2007), Kici, Kici (2008), Chemistry (2009), Inventory (2010), Father and Son on a Journey (2013) and Werka (2014).
In 2013, Pawel Lozinski won the Jury Prize of 7th International Film Festival for the directing \"Father and Son\". He was the judge of the International Competetion of the festival in the following year.