12 / 14 / 2017

The "Iranian Symphony" is Going to be Played in Cinema Verite

This 75-minute movie, which its production took about 9 years, is about the music belonging to various regions of Iran and other ethnic groups. In this documentary, Fereydoun Shahbazian, the concertmaster and composer, goes on a long journey to find the roots of the music of his ancient land.
About the reasons behind the length of the production process, Vahid Mosaeeyan explained: "We intended to document in detail about the Iranian national music and travel to many parts of the country, including Khorasan, Golestan, East Azarbaijan, Kermanshah, Lorestan, Khaf, Sistan-Baluchestan and Turkmen-Sahara, which made it a process a long process."
"Iranian Symphony" will be screened for the first time in Cinema Verite.