12- 14- 2017

Board Member of Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in Cinema Verite

Asako Fujioka was born in 1966 and spent her childhood in New York and Dusseldorf. She has been a coordinator at the Yamagata Film Festival since 1993 and later she entered the board of directors of this prestigious Asian festival.
Fujioka has been a selection committee member of Busan Film Festival and a consultant to the International Film Production Fund of the Asian Documentary Network since 2006. From 2009 to 2011, she has held three special documentary film workshops with young Thai, Japanese and Chinese directors. Asako Fujioka is an Asian documentary distributor in Japan and serves as an international interface for Japanese documentaries.
She is Scheduled to hold special workshop and movie market of the Cinema Verite in December 20 and 21.