ATLAN in Tiburon

The documentary ATLAN, produced by the DEFC and directed by talented Iranian filmmaker Moeen Karimoddini will compete in Tiburon International Film Festival in California, US.
The Tiburon International Film Festival (TIFF) is an annual event, which seeks to provide a greater understanding of the world and its many cultures through the artistic medium of film, and through the top quality films from around the world. TIFF wishes to enhance tolerance between people of all backgrounds. Its goal is one of cultural enrichment and heightened cultural awareness, and to create a platform for the independent filmmakers to express their talent and vision from any nation. TIFF strongly believes in its motto: \"Understanding the World through Film\"®
Oblivion Season from Abbas Rafei and The Buffalo from Kaveh Sajjadi Hosseini are the other Iranian films to be screened at Tiburon in the festival’s Focus on Iranian Cinema program. The festival’s description of the section reads like: “Iranian Cinema has been one of the most talked about and interesting cinemas of the last two decades, with so many talented filmmakers coming from a country that has been under sanction for so long. The Tiburon International Film Festival will focus on their new wave of filmmakers with the films Oblivion Season, The Buffalo and ATLAN.
ATLAN recounts the story of a horse trainer and his relationship with a particular horse. The film is considered one of the most successful Iranian productions in the past year with screenings at IDFA, Zurich and Cannes.
ATLAN will be screened on Saturday the 9th of April at 15:30.