With DEFC’s Bahman Nooraei as Juror TAC 2016 Announced its Winners

The closing ceremony of the 13th edition of The Archaeology Channel Film & Video Festival was held during which Dawn of Humanity: Ancient Human Death Trap won the Best Picture award.
With 21 films in the official competition section of the festival, and after a heated jury deliberation, the documentary on the origins of human race won the acclaimed award.
Dawn of Humanity also won the awards for Best Public Education Value, and Most Inspirational Film, while the documentary Monuments Revealed: The Secrets of the Colosseum won the awards for Best Narration and Best Scripts.
DEFC’s Head of Business and Marketing Bahman Nooraei was a member of the festival’s jury for a 2nd successive year along with Charles Armitage, Fred Crafts, Pam C Berrian and Mike Dilley.
Nooraei describes the experience as a pleasant one: “Well, last year, I made it to the festival; the atmosphere is warm and cosy thanks to the hard efforts of Dr Richard Pettigrew and his amazing crew. This year I didn’t get the visa in time so I couldn’t attend the festival, but we had organised with the rest of the jurors to watch the films through special links on Youtube and delivered the results by the end of April before having long email discussions over the next few days. All in all, I’m happy with the results. I cherish the experience and it was my pleasure to be a juror at TAC’s festival two years in a row.”
Reza Khanlari’s Bazaar: From Tehran to Tehran was also in the official selection but failed to win any awards.
The 13th edition of TAC festival was help in Eugene, Oregon, May 9-15, 2016.