ATLAN; Best Doc at Moondance

Long documentary Atlan, produced by the Documentary and Experimental Film Centre (DEFC), and directed by talented Iranian filmmaker Moein Karimoddini has been named as one of the five best documentaries award at the 17th Moondance International Film Festival in Colorado, US.
Moondance is known as the “American Cannes” of film festivals, and features the very best of indie films, music & writing by talented artists from around the world. Plan now to participate in this unique competition and film festival! For the last 16 years, the annual Moondance International Film Festival has showcased many hundreds of top-quality award-winning indie films, and hosted filmmakers, writers, composers, actors, industry professionals and media, from around the world.
Atlan shares the title with 4 other films including Rivering (New Zealand), In Search of the Great Song (Switzerland), The Boy From Geita (USA) and Unit 731 (USA).