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DEFC active presence in Moscow’s World Content Market

DEFC active presence in Moscow’s World Content Market


Documentary, Experimental and Animation Film Center have an active presence in the World Content Market in Moscow.

 The event was inaugurated in the Event Hall “InfoSpace”, located in the heart of Moscow on May 29, 2023.

As per the World Content Market’s offitial website, Iran is presented by Iran Animation Pavilion and individual stands. Iran Animation Pavilion is organized by DAMAMEDIA. Iran Animation Pavilion unites 8 animation companies, including Saba Animation Center, the biggest animation production company and the main content supplier for IRIB, the leading TV broadcaster in Iran. FARABI CINEMA FOUNDATION, the biggest body in Iranian film industry, the leading company in the field of production, international distribution and promotion of Iranian films and SOUREH CINEMA FOUNDATION, one of the oldest film companies in Iran, exhibit on the individual stands.

On 29th and 30th May 2023, a two-day international conference program will run alongside the market. China Pavilion will hold “Seeing China: Fresh Content Showcase” conference with fresh content presentation.  Russian Animated Films Association, India Pavilion and Iran Pavilion will bring participants to the Animation Cooperation Forum “Russia – India – Iran”.  “Fresh Content from Türkiye” session will be attended by key buyers from Russia.

During 3 days, Russian participants will close deals for content broadcasting and coproduction with partners from friendly countries.