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A Review of Documentary 'In Search of Farideh'"

"Homeland Means Mother

The documentary "In Search of Farideh," directed by Azadeh Moussavi and Kourosh Ataee in collaboration with the Documentary and Experimental Film Center, is a truly heartfelt exploration of patriotism.

According to the public relations department of the Documentary, Experimental, and Animation Film Center, Mohammad Heidari Pour stated without exaggeration that "In Search of Farideh" is one of the best Iranian documentaries about patriotism and a sense of belonging.

The filmmakers, without getting caught up in slogans, delve into the narrative of a woman with Iranian roots who embarks on a one-month journey in hopes of discovering her origins.

The film vividly portrays the contrast between the Western and Eastern atmospheres, making effective use of the introduction set in the first half.

The West, with all its allure, beauty, and prosperity, appears cold, while Farideh, situated in the East among families from the lower class, understands the warmth of emotional connection. This is especially evident in situations where families, due to poverty, abandon their children.

"In Search of Farideh" is a quest-driven documentary that does not focus on bitterness but rather moves beyond it. Perhaps this is because Farideh herself has overcome the bitterness and deficiencies of her life, and at the crucial age of 40, she confronts her identity crisis. Beyond its simple and report-like appearance, the film presents the Eastern person with a different identity, depicting them as an outsider. It is not against migration or the West, but rather, it is a celebration of the East and homeland, created with love for the motherland.

A notable aspect of the film is the unity in its spirit, despite having two directors. The singular perspective on the issue and the main character (a woman) is captivating. "In Search of Farideh," in these times of a warm migration market, is a patriotic work that praises the homeland. In our culture, the homeland, like a mother, is compassionate and receptive, and the Iranian mothers in the film represent the land from which Farideh has been estranged. While many narrative films have been made on the theme of patriotism and love for the motherland, the documentary "In Search of Farideh" appropriately uses the absence of a mother as a theme to explore the journey back to oneself. This documentary leaves a respectful image of our beautiful Iran and its people, making it lovable and unforgettable from this perspective. Even if Farideh is kilometers away from her homeland, her heart continues to burn with the flame of this love, as she takes steps and recalls journeys in her melodies.

"In Search of Farideh," produced in collaboration with the Documentary, Experimental, and Animation Film Center, is currently available for online screening.