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Common Perspectives of Moscow Festival & Cinema Verite Reviewed

Common Perspectives of Moscow Festival & Cinema Verite Reviewed

Mohammad Hamidi Moghadam, the CEO of the Documentary, Experimental, and Animation Film Center (DEFC) met with Diana Adyrkhaeva, the representative of Moscow International Film Festival, to discuss the presentation and screening of Iranian documentary films and the mutual relationship between Moscow and the "Cinema Verite" festivals.

During the meeting, Hamidi Moghadam stated, "Iranian documentary and animation cinema is very rich and full of talent. This Center is responsible for producing artistic short documentaries and animations. Additionally, the Iran International Documentary Film Festival “Cinema Verite”, as an international and reputable event in the Middle East and Asia, is organized by DEFC and has been held for seventeen editions with the participation of filmmakers from various countries, including Russia. It holds a special position for documentary cinema enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. Besides participating in festivals, interaction with television networks, platforms, and international markets in the region and countries with common cultural grounds is important for us."

He continued, "We hope to facilitate the opportunity for screening of the Iranian documentary and animation films in Moscow and other cities in Russia, with the help of the cultural attachés of the Islamic Republic."

Hamidi Moghadam added, "Documentaries produced by this Center, such as 'Mom Shokooh's House,' '18 thousand Feet,' and 'Bullet Rain,' have been screened in the recent editions of the Moscow International Film Festival. The interaction and relationship between the center and the Moscow festival have been established, and the perspective of this collaboration should expand for the better presentation of documentary and animation films."

Diana Adyrkhaeva, who was a guest at the Fajr International Film Festival, expressed her interest in Iran and her focus on Iranian culture, art, and history. She said, "I have been studying Iran and its historical and artistic features for years. I have seen and followed many Iranian feature and documentary films. In my studies, I found out that this Center holds a treasure trove of the best Iranian documentaries. I would like to provide an opportunity for these works to be seen. Your new productions can participate in the Moscow Festival, and the productions from previous years that do not qualify for competition can be shown on television, platforms, and markets."

She continued, "Iran is a country with a rich culture. Documentary cinema can present a true image of the environment, traditions, urban life, and architecture of the Iranian people to the world and dispel incorrect perceptions. I have seen and enjoyed the film 'Maman' and wildlife documentary series from the center."

The Russia TV host added, "The collaboration and interaction between DEFC C and the Moscow International Film Festival not only help screening more Iranian films but also increase the interaction between broadcasters in Russia and Iran, strengthening cultural ties. Any film accepted at the Moscow Festival will be shown on television networks and platforms, providing an exciting opportunity for the works to be seen."

The representative of the Moscow International Film Festival continued, "Russian cinema holds a historical and prominent position in the world, and the Moscow Film Festival is one of the reputable and longstanding events in cinema. The interaction between 'Cinema Verite' and the Moscow Film Festival is a bridge for communication between the two countries, and their filmmakers, and strengthens cultural ties. Iranian cinema, in the feature, documentary, and animation sections, is very rich and captivating and can be more widely seen in the world."

Adyrkhaeva said, "There is a gap in festivals and film markets regarding works on the environment in Iran, films about historical architecture and structures, or documentaries about the traditions and characteristics of Iranian life. I hope these meetings, discussions, and our presence in festivals such as Fajr and 'Cinema Verite,' as well as your trips and the visits of Iranian filmmakers to Russia, will accelerate the introduction of these works."

During the meeting, Shirin Naderi, Head of International Affairs, also presented a report on the center's animation and documentary productions and their presence in film festivals and markets.