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"Feather" a mystical narrative about poverty

The director of the animated film "Feather," produced by the Center for the Development of Documentary, Experimental, and Animation Cinema, emphasized its suitability for adults. He highlighted that while Iranians may find it easy to comprehend philosophical concepts, the primary challenge lies in conveying these ideas to non-Iranian audiences unfamiliar with the culture.

According to the public relations department of the Center, Sadeq Javadi, the director of "Feather," provided insights into the film's storyline. Created using two-dimensional frame-by-frame animation, "Feather" revolves around a poor father and son making a living through cockfighting and betting. Their lives take a peculiar turn when they encounter an enigmatic old man, leading to further adventures.

Addressing the film's philosophical theme, Javadi continued, "Explaining how to narrate a philosophical subject is somewhat complex and personal. Each artist selects unique tools and methods to convey their desired content, which is not universally applicable. Personally, I believe understanding philosophical concepts isn't difficult for an Iranian with a rich history, including eminent figures like Ferdowsi, Attar, Khayyam, Rumi, and countless other great minds. The main challenge lies in conveying these concepts to non-Iranian audiences unfamiliar with this culture."

Discussing how he tackled this challenge in "Feather," the animator stated, "To overcome this, I embedded the concept in the underlying layers of a contemporary narrative. Unfortunately, when discussing profound concepts like mysticism, a slow rhythm may form in the mind of the viewer. Therefore, I attempted to give 'Feather' a relatively fast-paced rhythm to engage the audience and allow the desired concept to unconsciously take shape. The success of this approach depends on the opinions of the audience and the passage of time."

Javadi noted that the target audience for "Feather" is adults, and the film has been showcased at various festivals, winning the Grand Prize and Special Jury Prize at the Uruguay Animation Festival, as well as Best Music and Best Sound Design awards at the Changjin Film Festival in Australia.

In his concluding remarks about the Tehran Animation Festival and the Center's participation, Javadi stated, "Since its establishment, the Center has provided strong support to animation filmmakers, evident in their collaboration and the awards they have achieved. The existence of a specialized animation festival for Iranian animation is crucial. Personally, I feel that this event, after each decade of its existence, needs a reevaluation of its goals and methods of implementation."