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A Glance at "Animatipon" Animation

A Glance at

The animation "Migration" has a simple and repetitive script, but its execution is successful and engaging.

According to the public relations report of the Documentary, Experimental, and Animation Cinema Development Center, Mohammad Taghizadeh stated: The animation "Migration," translated as "Muhajirat" or "Kooch" in Iran, was one of the captivating and entertaining cartoons of 2023. Despite facing tough competition, it managed to remain on the list of the best animated films for the Oscars in 2024. In the same year, other compelling animations like "Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse" and the cartoon "The Boy and the Hero" by Miyazaki were released, overshadowing "Migration," and it did not receive a nomination at the Oscars.

Despite having a simple, repetitive, and flawed script, "Migration" succeeds in its execution, making it entertaining and suitable for families. The emphasis on family in the animation is noteworthy, as the creators have put significant attention on family dynamics, including the relationships between the father, son, wife, and husband. Additionally, the family-oriented nature of the cartoon is important because its general appeal and entertainment value make it not only suitable for children and teenagers but also targeted at adults. Furthermore, the theme of migration as a topic for discussion in contemporary families globally adds another layer to the significance of the animation.

A closer look at the portrayal of the family in "Migration" reveals detailed and engaging characterizations, particularly in the case of each member of the "Mac" family. Mac, the family patriarch, is portrayed as a conservative individual who avoids risks and is reluctant to embark on the migration journey, setting the initial challenge of the story. Pam, the mother, is depicted as people-oriented, traditional, and adventurous, playing a crucial and defining role alongside Mac. Dax, the restless and adventurous son, becomes the driving force of the story when his encounter with another goose and his desire to migrate to New Zealand set the plot in motion. Gwen, the youngest daughter, receives less character development compared to others and mainly contributes to the story's humor and the family's sweetness.

Despite being somewhat predictable, "Migration" manages to captivate the audience with successful pacing and execution. The pursuits, escapes, adventures, and situations are well-balanced, preventing the animation from becoming overly predictable and maintaining a sympathetic tone. While the storyline has its flaws, the execution allows "Migration" to achieve an acceptable performance rating.

One of the most challenging aspects of the cartoon is its portrayal of humanity, with the only human character being portrayed as a malicious killer who only thinks about killing animals. This character is intentionally left unnamed and without an identity, and despite being responsive in the animation, no dialogue is assigned to convey an anti-human perspective, emphasizing the creators' critical stance towards humanity. On the other hand, the depiction of birds arriving in New York can be analyzed as a critical commentary on urban society, portraying the city as an extremely crowded, dense, and unappealing environment, almost like a slaughterhouse for birds and animals.

In summary, "Migration" can be considered a colorful, family-friendly, and engaging cartoon. If it had been released in 2022, it might have achieved more success in ceremonies and festivals. Moreover, the cartoon demonstrates how effective direction can significantly impact the appeal of a performance, turning an average or even repetitive script into an entertaining and engaging work.