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Internal transformation of a woman in "Paper Flowers"

Internal transformation of a woman in

Director Ramak Amin Kazemi referred to the animation "Paper Flowers" (produced by the Documentary, Experimental, and Animation Cinema Development Center), stating that the film is inspired by a personal dream and revolves around a successful writer who, faced with failure in her work, retreats into seclusion.

According to the public relations report of the Documentary, Experimental, and Animation Cinema Development Center, Ramak Amin Kazemi, director of the animation "Paper Flowers," currently participating in the thirteenth Tehran Animation Festival, shared details about the film's story. "Paper Flowers" narrates the internal transformations of a successful female writer who experiences a setback in one of her works. To overcome this failure, she leaves her home and family, seeking refuge in an abandoned mansion to focus on writing her new work until...

He continued: The idea for this animation was inspired by a personal dream. I had dreamt of a woman standing in the middle of a garden in a special dress, seemingly holding the answers to all my mental questions and concerns in her smile. I remember that when I woke up, a story formed in my mind to create this image, which eventually turned into a screenplay.

Amin Kazemi explained that the technique used in this animation is stop-motion puppet animation, and he justified the choice of this technique due to the content of the screenplay and the practical limitations in animation execution. Despite the seemingly illogical choice, he insisted on undertaking a challenging task and believes that, ultimately, he achieved what he expected in terms of execution. Additionally, after the armature was created, character design, makeup, costume design, and sewing, he personally took on the responsibility of designing and creating the puppet, going through numerous tests to align it with the envisioned mindset.

According to the director, "Paper Flowers" is a conceptual work intended for adult audiences and has not yet had a public screening.

In another part of his remarks about collaborating with the Documentary, Experimental, and Animation Cinema Development Center, Amin Kazemi mentioned that the center has had a significant impact on the recent production of short animations, providing a platform for Iranian filmmakers to showcase their works in international festivals.

The animation director concluded by acknowledging the strong presence of filmmakers and valuable cultural resources in Iran, the emergence of brilliant talents in animation in recent years, and the participation of Iranian artists in prominent global festivals. He emphasized the need for a free and cultural thinking environment, acceptable economic support, and effective collaboration from cultural institutions to ensure the production of creative works. In this regard, he expressed hope that the Documentary, Experimental, and Animation Cinema Development Center would play a more significant role in the production and international distribution of filmmakers' works from Iran.