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Iranian animation “Loupetoo” on screen at Italian film festival

Iranian animation “Loupetoo” on screen at Italian film festival

“Loupetoo”, an acclaimed animated movie produced at the Sureh Film Organization of Iran’s Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization, is on screen at the Vittorio Veneto Film Festival (VVFILMF), which is currently underway at the Italian city. 

Directed by Abbas Askari, “Loupetoo” tells the story of Mr. Kamali, the owner of a sanitarium, who treats the patients by teaching them to make toys. The toys are creative, so they are very attractive to children. But the toy studio is shut down due to sabotage, which causes a critical mental condition in the patients. While Mr. Kamali efforts bear no results, an angel of hope appears to help him.

“Loupetoo” has won awards at several international festivals, including the award for best animation film at the 2022 Ahmedabad International Children Film Festival in India.

An international film festival dedicated to kids and teens, VVFILMF is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to cater to the diverse expectations of both the young and adult audiences, both nationally and internationally. Its primary objective is to bring the joy of quality cinema to the general public. While the festival's programming is specially curated for children, teenagers, and university students, there is also a warm welcome extended to adults and anyone with an interest in the world of film art, captivated by artistic and visual culture, and eager to explore the educational, pedagogical, and entertainment aspects.

This festival presents a unique opportunity to showcase new avenues of learning, offering a continually updated lineup of cultural activities. Through the medium of film, it encourages respectful and meaningful reflections, fostering engagement among all segments of the educational community.

The event will come to an end on December 11.